Our Mission

Moving to MasteryTM is an online education platform taught by the nation's leading experts in special needs planning and administration. Our mission is to provide professionals with the training they need to best assist persons with disabilities and enhance their quality of life to the maximum extent possible. Enrolling in Moving to Mastery will provide the guidance you need to become a special needs planning expert.

We offer three levels of courses: Foundation, Experienced, and Mastery. All courses build on each other. What you learn in a foundation course, will enhance your understanding of more advanced topics while on the road to mastery.

Foundation courses begin with the fundamentals of legal, financial, and personal planning for persons with special needs. These courses cover an overview of public benefits, financial planning tools, legal planning tools, special needs trust administration and common planning issues that arise while assisting persons with disabilities. This is an excellent series for those who are new to special needs planning, those who have some experience but need reinforcement, and will help fast track training new members of your team. 

Experienced courses do a deeper dive into the various tools, programs, and issues planners address. You will begin to understand how to utilize these tools to help resolve more legal, financial, and personal issues the person with a disability may face. Implementing the underlying foundational concepts will help you start to readily implement the tools available and start to understand the nuances of special needs planning. 

By Mastery courses, the professional should be able to skillfully address nearly every issue that can arise for a person with a disability. These courses will focus on specific and unique issues that happen during planning, as well as keeping on top of cutting edge changes in policy, statutes, and planning tools which will help you create a market advantage as you master the art of special needs planning and administration.

The good news is that busy professionals can move at their own pace. If you feel you need support in some areas more than others, you may pick and choose which courses you wish to take. Courses will be added routinely, so make sure check in regularly.  Have a suggestion for a new course? Submit a course request form below.

Thank you for your interest and we can’t wait to start your journey with Moving to Mastery.


Instructor Bio:

Michele P. Fuller, Esq., is the founder of the Michigan Law Center in Macomb, Michigan, and Advocacy, Inc., a non-profit organization. She holds several leadership positions, including acting as a member of the board of directors of the Michigan NAELA Chapter, a member of the Advisory Committee for ASNP, and is former Chair of the Elder Law and Disability Rights Section of the State Bar of Michigan. Michele is a highly sought speaker for national and state-wide programs. She is the author of several books on special needs planning and has published articles for national and state journals. She is most proud of receiving the Unsung Hero Award of the State Bar of Michigan, given annually to an attorney who has exhibited the highest standards of practice and commitment for the benefit of others.  Her current project is leading the settlement process design team for the Flint Water Cases. She is the proud mother of four great kids, one of whom has autism, and is happily married to a highly acclaimed special needs planning attorney, Kevin Urbatsch.

Michele Fuller

Attorney Instructor


Instructor Bio:

Kevin Urbatsch is the owner of The Urbatsch Law Firm, P.C. in Berkeley, California that is dedicated to the planning needs of persons with disabilities. He has practiced law in California for over 25 years and is also licensed in Michigan. He is the Academy of Special Needs Planners (ASNP)’s National Director, an organization with over 400 special needs planning professionals around the country. He has a wealth of experience in the area of special needs planning and administration. He was the initial Attorney-Editor, creator, and contributing author of CEB’s award winning treatise titled Special Needs Trusts: Planning, Drafting and Administration. He is the author of the 1st through 3rd Editions of the book Administering the California Special Needs Trust. He is the author for the 5th through 8th Editions of Nolo Press’ book titled Special Needs Trusts: Protecting Your Child’s Financial Future. He has represented clients in establishing and administering hundreds of special needs trusts throughout California and the United States. He is host of the annual California Special Needs Planning Symposium, a three-day event for attorneys and professional fiduciaries on mastering this difficult subject. He has testified as an expert witness on the proper planning needs for Californians with disabilities in Alameda County and in Great Britain. He is a State Bar of California, Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate law. He is also a fellow of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel (ACTEC).

Kevin Urbatsch

Attorney Instructor


  • What is Moving to Mastery?

    It is an education program developed by two special needs planning attorneys to help educate professionals who plan for persons with disabilities, families that include a loved one with special needs, and persons with disabilities to better advocate for themselves and enhance their quality of life.

  • If I am an attorney or private professional fiduciary do these sessions count for Continue Education credits?

    Yes, in California all classes may count towards CLE credit for attorneys and CE credits for private professional fiduciaries.

  • If I have trouble downloading or viewing a class, who do I contact?

    Please contact Support at info@movingtomastery.com