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Ann Koerner is President of National Care Advisors – a firm dedicated to providing consulting services for attorneys, financial planners, and trustees. National Care Advisors provides care and quality-of-life planning services for those families faced with a physical disability, mental illness, developmental disability, or eldercare issues. Services include planning and case management applicable to Special Needs Trusts and government benefits preservation. National Care Advisors also specializes in post-litigation resolution consulting services specific to lien negotiation, Medicare Set Aside projections, and administration. National Care Advisors now serves clients in over 30 states and is known for client-centered, practical solutions to meeting the needs of individuals and families with special needs challenges.

Ann Koerner

National Care Advisors

Special Needs Planning Symposium 2023

A 3-day experience dedicated to educating professionals who plan for persons with disabilities and administer special needs trusts. This informative and interactive educational adventure benefits both seasoned professionals and those just beginning their practice. There are multiple opportunities to network with nationally-renowned experts on all aspects of special needs planning and administration to ensure your master this complex yet rewarding field.

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